The Power System is comprised of a battery bank to supply the electricity, a charger to renew the battery cells from an external power supply, a battery management system to track individual battery metrics, an Optima red top gel battery to act as a medium between the stock vehicle 12V electric system and the high voltage 144V battery bank, and a DC/DC convertor to keep the Optima battery charged.


The vehicle is powered by 45 Sinopoly LiFePO4 battery cells connected in series and housed in a custom built steel enclosure. The enclosure is topped with a sheet of plexiglass to improve aesthetics and minimize risk.



Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
Nominal Capacity: 100aH
Weight per battery: 6.9lbs
Total Weight: 315lbs
Total Pack Voltage: 144V
Range: 76.8 miles

Battery Management System

Each individual battery is monitored by the Orion Battery Management System.  It is equipped with a CANBUS interface which feeds real time data into the onboard computer.  This data is then available to mobile devices for monitoring battery statuses.


Linux Integration

By using a VNC client, the Orion BMS could be configured using a remote laptop wirelessly. Similar in interface to the controller, this allows access directly to the vehicle control systems without ever having to connect a cable. The pictures below are actual screenshots taken while configuring Orion settings from a laptop utilizing the VNC server running on the internal Linux computer.

Mobile Integration

The picture below is an actual screenshot taken while reading data from the Orion from a custom built Android app on a Nexus 7 tablet.  Each icon represents an  individual battery so you can see the health of each one graphically illustrated as green, yellow, or red.  Touching one of the battery icons will bring up a details screen to allow you to inspect the charge capacity of a given battery.



The batteries are recharged with an Eltek charger delivering 3000W and 16A of power at 96% efficiency.  The charger takes a 85-275V AC Input from a typical wall socket and provides a CANBUS interface for monitoring the charge process.  Various charge metrics are reported to both the onboard Linux computer and the Orion Battery Management system via the CANBUS protocol.  The old gas cap was converted into the electrical input interface.

electric suzuki samurai

Mobile Integration

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