The stock Suzuki braking system was retained for overall vehicle cohesiveness during the initial build phase. Due to the removal of the internal combustion engine, a vacuum pump was required to provide the same support to the braking system. The next phase will include integrating a more performance-centric braking system.


Brake Type: 4 wheel hydraulic
Brake Fluid Type: DOT 3 Brake Fluid
Brake light switch plunger clearance: 1/2 to 1mm
Front wheel disc brake (floating caliper type)
Disc standard thickness: 10mm
Disc minimum thickness: 8mm
Disc runout (maximum): .15mm
Brake pad minimum thickness: 1mm
Rear wheel drum brake (leading and trailing)
Drum standard diameter: 220mm
Drum maximum diameter: 222mm
Minimum Brake Lining Thickness: 1mm
Parking brake (Mechanical actuated on read two wheels)
Parking Brake Lever Travel: 3 to 8 clicks