Vehicle throttling involves a Hall Effect pedal connected to an Evnetics Soliton1 controller. This provides up to 1000A of power to the DC motor and has many built in capabilities for monitoring system status. The controller is cooled via both dual fans and a circulating liquid cooling solution.


Nominal Output Voltage:  340V
Maximum Output Current:  1000A


  • Battery pack protection:  Both maximum current and minimum voltage on the battery side are programmable – protect your pack from abuse while extracting the maximum performance and range from your pack.
  • “Limp Home” Mode: Low pack voltage limit function protects batteries against over-discharge while extracting the maximum possible range by limiting motor current to whatever amount keeps the pack voltage above the programmed limit.  This function provides the greatest “limp-home” capabilities.
  • Motor voltage protection:  User can limit the motor voltage output to any level.
  • Current control: Throttle controls motor current (torque) for a very natural driving feel.
  • Adjustable switching frequency: Losses in any controller go up with switching frequency; the Soliton1 lets you choose between higher performance and efficiency (8kHz) or guaranteed silence at all current levels (14kHz).
  • Smooth starts: Spread spectrum switching, or dithering, is used at low motor currents to maintain precise control and eliminate jerky starts.
  • Adjustable acceleration rate:  The rate at which motor current is allowed to rise is adjustable from a tortoise-like 100A per second to a tire-boiling 25,000A/s (functions essentially like traction control).
  • Protected against wiring errors: All input terminals protected against reverse and over-voltage. All output terminals protected against short-circuit and inductive kickback (diodes recommended across all coils anyway). Even the battery pack terminals are protected against reverse polarity and overvoltage!
  • 3-wire throttle input: Accepts a 0-5V signal from a pot, automotive TPS or Hall effect pedal, etc.. The range is calibrated and “off” can be compensated for drift. Polarity can be inverted and a broken throttle wire detected.
  • Tachometer input/ouput: Compatible with industrial proximity sensors (1, 2, 4, 6 per turn) to protect against motor over-speed and necessary for idle. Tach output drives a 4cyl or 6cyl tachometer gauge regardless of input pulses/turn.
  • Brake input: Inhibits the throttle when active for additional safety.

Mobile Access

The Evnetics Soliton 1 controller features an ethernet port with a web interface. This allows all configurable settings on the controller to be adjusted via a browser.

The controller outputs detailed event logs which allowed for the integration with an onboard vehicle computer to record all power and throttle activities in real time.