The vehicle utilizes a Netgain Warp DC motor for propulsion. The DC motor has a 170V maximum which leaves a good contingency for the voltage being pushed from the 144V battery pack. It has 237 ft-lbs of torque at the controller’s peak output with up to 193 HP.



Netgain Warp 9
Max Voltage: 170V
Recommended Voltage Range: 48-156V
Max RPM: 8000
Max Recommended RPM: 5000
Recommended RPM Range: 2000-4000
Current Rating Pulse: 2000
Current Rating Short: 450 (5 minutes)
Current Rating Long: 225 (1 hour)
Current Rating Continues: 190 (Continues)
Class Rating: Class H
Weight: 143 lbs
Shaft 1.125”
1000A 237 ft-lbs
Internal Combustion 66 HP
Electric (100% eff.) 193 HP
Electric (82% eff.) 158 HP